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Careers - Originations

Truly unique opportunity with innovative, no-documentation, property tax installment company.  You are a driven, experienced sales rep looking to grow your earnings and impact by joining a small, successful team with a great win-rate. Maybe you’ve been frustrated that your earnings potential is capped, or you’re looking to join a team that’s going to invest in developing your skills. Let’s talk.


To help you succeed, you must have prior success in selling to homeowners and/or business owners in a short sales cycle (typically a one--or two--call close).  You must excel at building rapport over the phone and have strong listening, consultative selling and closing skills.  Being bilingual--English and Spanish--is critical.


You should be financially driven, self motivated, possess professional communication and organizational skills, and work well without supervision.


Experience in financial or loan origination services is a plus.  A successful person in this role ought to be earning $100K or more through a combination of salary and commission by the end of their first year.  Part or full time positions available.

We’re excited to learn more about you. Please send your resume to

Freedom to work from home

You just might like to work in pajamas, or you might have a family you want to be close to, or you, simply, hate to commute.  Whatever the reason, we believe in saving time, being comfortable and working in the way that optimizes your success. 

(Thanks, technology!)

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Flexible work hours

No 8-to-5 forced on you here.  You might be an early bird (or a late bird).  And some days you might not feel like a bird at all.  The main thing are results.  And, if you get us closings--after a long lunch--nobody's going to complain.

The autonomy you deserve


(no micromanagement)


You're an ambitious, smart-working, professional. Professionals don't need babysitters.  You need the appropriate support and tools to help reach your goals.

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No cold-calling or lead-gen work

We're a lead-gen machine.  And all those strong leads get funneled directly to you.  No need to work with realtors and other referral sources that take months, or years, to build business.  

90% less paper -work than traditional mortgages

No tax returns, no inspections, no surveys, no appraisals, no credit checks.  You get the point.  Property Tax originations are so easy, you more-often-than-not, can execute a one-call close.

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Relaxed and supportive mindset


For-sure we maintain high standards and expect outstanding integrity and work-ethic. We also believe that super-stars thrive in respectful, relaxed, and supportive cultures--a place where you can feel safe to be yourself, collaborate and reach your full potential.

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